Light Therapy Treatment at Nature Health Clinic


Tanda Professional Restore Light Therapy treatment uses infrared SLD light energy to temporarily elevated tissue temperature and increase localiezed blood circulation.this device are recommended by chiroparctor and phsiotherapist, it's convinent for patient to do some at-home care under the management of your practitioner. Reasearch supports light therapy as effective for : Arthritis, Pain management, Repetitive Stress Injuries( Carpal Tunnel, Tennis Elbow),Tendonitis,Muscle Tension,Bruising,Swelling…

The light therapy treatments can be applied with the cordless handpiece or with hands free treatment extension. The interchangeable treatment heads offer a rang of skincare and wellness solution for you and your whole family.

ACNE LIGHT TREATMENT HEAD uses blue LED light to kill P.acnes bacteria, clearing existing blemishes and preventing further outbreaks. ANTI-AGING LIGHT THERAPY TREATMENT HEAD uses red LED light to help improve skin texture,color and firmness while diminishing the apperance of fine lines and wrinkles.


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