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CHC health care products are developed and manufactured in Canada. All materials are collected from the pollution-free grassland and ocean areas in northern Canada.  Product formula by the number of Canada's leading experts in the design of biological engineering, and specialized according to the characteristics of the product structure of Asian optimization, CHC health care products are NPN and GMP by Health Canada's rigorous testing, it is the real thing's finest health care products, for the same products leader. 

CHC's main products are: Magnesium proud of calcium, Fish Oil, Liquid Propolis, Super Slimer, Super Joint Complex, Livery, Blueberry& Flax Seed Oil, Super Seal Oil Complex, Lecithin, Liquid Calcium & Magnesium with Vitamin D, Brazil Bee Propolis, Seal Oil. These products are designed to prevent and relieve symptoms of sub-health or disease, including hypertension, diabetes, high blood fat, fatigue, cardiovascular disease, menopause, fever, insomnia, fracture rehabilitation, arthritis, poor digestion, endocrine disorders, obesity,etc.

CHC health care products has high and reliable quality, as well as an advanced marketing system. CHC introduces the advanced direct sales system from North America mechanism,  uses the efficient  Ecommerce  as a bridge to contact customers, eliminating the costs for advertisement, provides reasonable price to consumers; We also consider customers  as "partners". The customer who purchased CHC health care products for the first time will get a recommendation code, introduce other customers use this recommended code to purchase at CHC will give the code owners reward points. Points can be accumulated for , or return by cash. No additional payment or initial fee will apply  to the customers.

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Super Seal Oil

Fish Oil

Bee Propolis

Arctic Seal Oil

Liquid Calcium & Magnesium with Vitamin D

Super Slimer Softgel


Grape Seed OPC

Odourless Garlic Oil